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Values Based Team Alignment

See steps 2 and 3 of The Gerard Murphy Consulting Process. We would recommend following up with steps 4-12.

  1. Conduct a culture audit.
  2. Agree a clear and simple purpose that the team will commit to.
  3. Identify Team Values and Team Behaviours in order to provide alignment.
  4. Examine and celebrate individual differences within the team.
  5. Explore and enhance professional relationships within the team.
  6. Provide opportunity to practice performance dialogue – give and receive supportive feedback.
  7. Implement a systematic leadership development process that incorporates leadership group, individual action plans and mentor program.
  8. Ensure that we have the correct governance and structures in place to enable team culture to flourish.
  9. Discover the joy of diversity and conflict resolution and how these can be used to drive innovation and elite performance.
  10. Determine KPI’s that will reward the behaviour we have identified as imperative.
  11. Embrace the ‘critical moments’ when they present themselves to affirm our commitment to the team values.
  12. Review against our values, review against our values, review against our values, review against our values…………